Monday, August 18, 2014

Arch Bishop Andrews Thazhath threatens the politicians

Arch Bishop Andrews Thazhath

Thrissur Archbishop raps UDF

THRISSUR, August 17, 2014
Courtesy:  The Hindu

Thrissur: Thrissur Archbishop Andrews Thazhath has sent a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi criticising the Congress and the United Democratic Front (UDF) government in the State. In his letter, the archbishop said the Congress should not assume that the church would always support the party irrespective of its policies.
“A particular group has hijacked the Education Department and universities in the State. The education policy of the State is absurd. Public education and higher education are in chaos. A political party is handling the department as its private property,” he said. The State was neglecting the fact that the Catholic Church had made major contributions in the fields of education and health , he added. “The Congress party should realise the changing mood and political situation in the State and the Centre. Catholics will not shy away from supporting other secular parties and even Independent candidates.

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