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Rotten bloody priests!

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Rotten bloody priests!

Vati Leaks - Monday, April 23, 2012
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Rotten bloody priests!
Get ready for it, folks. Vatileaks is serving up a red-hot plate of seamy Catholic sex scandals in the May newsletter. Bushby’s blistering article updates the landmark Philadelphia trial of Msgr. William Lynn, 61, accused of transferring paedophile priests to other and unsuspecting parishes and harbour them in the Church while concealing their earlier crimes, and Rev. William Brennan, accused of raping a 14-year-old boy in 1996. He and Lynn have both entered not guilty pleas.
Embattled Pope’s legal problems increase
This unprecedented trial is rattling the stained-glass windows in the Pope’s Palace in Vatican City and by now he must be seriously concerned about how the daily revelations from evidence being presented will affect him and three cardinals in the legal proceedings against them in The Hague. In September last year, SNAP, the priest abuse survivor’s network, filed a comprehensive criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Netherlands of crimes against humanity, alleging a worldwide priest child abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church. Last month, SNAP supplemented its original complaint with additional charges after receiving a spate of new allegations from nearly 500 victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers from 65 countries. The recent appointment of Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, the mother of two children as the new ICC lead prosecutor, may be causing the Vatican elite to squirm a little about the eventual outcome of SNAP’s ICC case. Buried deep in this repulsive and ever-expanding child-abuse scandal, the Pope, his cardinals and his bishops appear to be on the back foot, and the best is yet to be revealed.
Is there any truth to these rumours?
According to the ‘Vatican grapevine’, the Philadelphia court case may expose blackmail and alleged illicit adult relationships between high-ranking members of the Holy See as a motive for protecting certain members of the Philadelphia priesthood. And what are the unconfirmed and increasing rumours alleging the existence of a high-level paedophile ring operating in the Vatican that goes back to the time of the disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi from Vatican City on June 22nd, 1983 under the papacy of Pope John Paul II? Sensational? Yes!
Pope sitting on a powder-keg
Just as importantly, the Philadelphia court case presents a rare behind-the-scenes portrait of the operations of one of the largest archdioceses in the United States and it is providing ongoing evidence of an entrenched illegal structure in the institutional Catholic Church and the callous nature of the men within it. This trial is establishing that an endemic criminal cover-up pattern was followed in the Philadelphia diocese for over a half-century by three different cardinals with episcopal experience from five dioceses in four American states, as well as in the Vatican itself. Each of the three cardinals had close personal ties with Pope John Paul II, and the Church is desperately trying to keep a lid on some devastating information associated with some of these men.
What paedophile priests do to kids!
In the May newsletter, and as promised a little while back, Vatileaks presents a ground-breaking article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely titled, ‘The Catholic Church’s Secret Sex-Crime Files’. Ms. Erdely provides a graphic depiction of alleged sex acts of Catholic priests with their young victims, and details some stomach-churning events that triggered the trial now in progress in Philadelphia. Her story is compulsory reading!!! Don’t miss it!!
PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED!! Vatileak’s May newsletter is OUT SOON !!

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