Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Christian community to join Modi for a just India

Christians to join Modi for a just India: official 

Christians are also called to facilitate inclusive communities. 

Posted on May 22, 2014, 8:54 AM

New Delhi: Christian community will participate in the efforts of India's new government to build a nation of justice and progress, said the general secretary of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI).

The results of the election declared on May 19, in which the pro-Hindu BJP won by a landslide, show the desire of the majority of the people for a corruption-free and responsible government, said Reverend Roger Gaikwad in a statement.
The official of the influential NCCI, which is an ecumenical forum of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches in the country, said elections constitute the kairos (the critical decisive time) for the Church in India to be bearers of the liberating message of the gospel in the country.
"We are to stand for just-peace, and should support all policies, endeavors and projects of the government within this ‘just-peace’ framework," he said.
Christians are also called to facilitate inclusive communities in which women, youth, children, dalits, tribals-adivasis, the disabled, and all other marginalized individuals and communities find dignified space and participation. 
In participating with government the Church will stand committed to eradication of the evils of the caste system, patriarchy, globalization, nuclearization, militarization, fundamentalism and communalism.
"We have to be critical of any development which caters to the comforts and pleasures of the few but oppresses the majority of humans and exploits mother earth," said the statement published in the NCCI site.
As a Church, Christians are called to "participate in the development of an India of justice, progress and integral harmony," Reverend Gaikwad said.

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