Monday, February 13, 2012


                                                                                Joy C.L., (State Vice President),
                                                                                 Kerala Catholic Federation

It is absolutely wrong to state that there are no differences of opinion about Christ or his teachings among Christians. At present there are more than 4000 groups who claim they are Christians. The exact number is not known even to the Holy Spirit. There are drastic differences in the Christologies of Roman Church (Catholic), Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Assyrian Catholic Church of the East and the Pentecostal groups. There are the diphysites, monophysites, extreme diphysites etc. etc. There are disputes regarding the Throne of St. Peter. While Roman Church claims it to be in Rome alone, Antiocean, Assyrian Churches claim that Peter had his Thrones at Antiocea (Damascus) and Babylon (Bagdad) There are differences of opinion among the Eastern Orthodox also. The Protestant Churches and the Anglican Community have totally different Christologies and Mariologies. About apostolic succession also there is no consensus among different groups of Christians. While majority of the Christians accept Nicene Creed, they differ in its interpretation. The Roman Church claims that it is the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church. But all other Christian denominations do not approve this. There is drastic differences in the propositions of Vatican I and Vatican II. While Vatican I did not accept freedom of Religions as a fundamental right, Vatican II vehemently accepts it. Extra Ecclessiam Nulla Salus There is no salvation except through the Church. Has this any validity in the current secular world. That is why Vatican II said that salvation is possible through any religion. It further said that God will give the grace of salvation even to the atheists if they live according to their conscience. If we go through the 16 documents of Vatican II we can understand this. Yes through the course of time Christianity has changed theologically and structurally. These changes are manifest in the Ecumenical Synods Nicene I to Vatican II. Remember The Assyrian Church accepts only Nicne I and Constantinople I. The Eastern Orthodox approves Necne I to Nicene II (7). There is vast differences of opinions among Christians. Even the Roman Church has changed its earlier theologies. As Marx pointed out change is essential in any living organization and organism. 

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