Friday, February 10, 2012


നല്ല സമരിയക്കാരനും നല്ല കമ്മൂണിസ്റ്റ്കാരനും! 

 Jesus was really a revolutionary
                                                                                                            Joy C.L. (State Vice President)            
                                                                                                            KERALA CATHOLIC FEDERATION

 Firstly he gave an entire new dimension to the concept of law through his famous quotation Sabbath is for man and not man for Sabbath. Till then the Jews kept the Mosaican law as upreme and held that any law breaker should be severely punished, whatever be the circumstances behind that. He also revolutionized the concept of prayer by insisting on less words and less sound for prayers. (This is not applicable to the charismatic preachers!). To teach the lesson of social commitment and fraternity he used the parable of Good Samaritan. Jews were totally prejudiced against the community of Samaritans. 
    If today Jesus were to come on this earth he would have used the parable of a 'Good Communist' because the arch enemies of today's arch bishops are Communists. He had among his disciples the tax collectors who are despised by the Jew community. He drove away the vendors inside the temple shouting that he would not allow his father's house to be a den of thieves. Had he come today he would have driven the bishops and clergy out of the Churches for conducting business there. Jesus had people from all walks of life as his friends - tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, religious, irreligious atheists and theists. He entertained no prejudice against anyone. According to him the only condition to enter the kingdom of heaven was to feed the hungry to give water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, homes to the homeless, refuge to the foreigners, nursing to the sick and consolation to the prisoners i.e. fulfilling ones social commitments. No other condition was attached, not even a belief in God. He said God is everybody's father and all human beings are brothers. 
     He revolutionized the very concepts of politics, legality, spirituality and religiosity.  The 2nd Vatican Council adopted the concept of dialogue. This dialogue has 4 dimensions.  (1) dialogue within the Catholic Church, (2) dialogue with other Christian faithful, (3) dialogue with all religions and (4) dialogue with atheists.  But now our bishops and clergy propagate not the spirit of dialogue but the spirit of hatred.  They totally negate the spirit of 'Ecclesiam Suam' the first encyclical of Pope Paul VI.  Dear bishops and clergy shed your prejudices. All prejudices are un-Christian. 

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  1. Who are these bishops and priests of catholic church to monopolise Jesus Christ? Jesus was an ardent critic of priesthood. During his time he vehemently criticised the then priests. This we can find in the Gospels. He called them sons of vipers, hipocrats white washed tombs etc. When Judas Iscariata came in a rally to betray Him to the Roman soldiers it was led by the High Priest (Major Arch Bishop). Now the priest hood of catholic church keeps Jesus in box kept on the altar and lock it. They claim that Jesus is under their custody and that He will come to the alter and enter the bread at the call of a priest. Only the priests have the right to interpret the Gospels. They also claim that the Church is ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC. But the number of the Christian churches claiming to be the one holy catholic and apostolic is not known to even the Holy Spirit. At present there are more than 4000 Christian groups quarrelling each other and claiming to tbe the true catholic church established by Jesus. The fact remained that Jesus did not establish any Church. He only preached two commandments: (1) Love God above all and (2) Love thy neighbour above thyself. His Appostle St. John said that if anybody claims that he loves God and hates his fellow beings he is telling lie. How can anybody love the unknown God and hate the known brothers? But the bishops and priests preach the gospel of hatred. In fact they should be happy that even the Communists respect Jesus. Jesus also said love thy enemy. Even if the bishops feel that Communists are their enemies because they oppose the Bishops' economic empire and the bribe culture in the education sector, at least obeying the commands of the Lord they should love Communists. But Jesus himself said that they only adore Him with their lips. Dear Bishops please note all are not fools. There may be a chorus of sychophants around you. But there are so many thinking faithful amoung the laity.