Monday, May 4, 2015

Use urine for healthy growth of plants: Gadkari- Urine therapy had used by the farmers for the plants chilly, cury leaves, and coconuts palms; now this idea lost or ignored by them. Former Kochi Prime Minister Ikkandawarrier (Ikkanda Warrier (ഇക്കണ്ട വാര്യര്‍)(1890–1977) was the first and the last Prime Minister of the state of Cochin, India, beginning in 1948.[1] ) had used this therapy for chilly, and other cultivation when he was at jail. He collected the urine of other prisoners from the cells every morning and wet the plants cultivated in jail. We also can follow this idea with very diluted human urine with water.

Use urine for healthy growth of plants: Gadkari

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By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published on:May 5, 2015 2:37 am
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that people should use urine for healthy growth of plants. Addressing a gathering in Nagpur Sunday, he said he had been using the “therapy” for the plants at his Delhi residence.
“Daily, I collect urine in a 50-litre can. It is then used for the plants in my New Delhi residence,” Gadkari said. He claimed that plants that got “urine therapy” showed better growth than those that got “plain water”.
Stating that there was a scientific reason behind this, he said “urine has abundant urea and nitrogen compounds, which nourish the plants.” He said soon urine could emerge as a cheap alternative to fertiliser.

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