Sunday, February 23, 2014

"good servants, not good bosses"

Bishops need to be 
"good servants, not good bosses"
Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio
with Cardinal Oswald Gracias
 Courtesy: Americankna

           Pope to prelates: no intrigue, favoritism, gossip:

Pope Francis today gave his new cardinals what amounted to a code of conduct: "no intrigue, gossip, power pacts, favoritism." 
Francis also urged the 19 men he elevated to cardinal a day earlier to avoid behaving as if they were in a royal court.
During his homily in St Peter's Basilica, Francis told the cardinals to strive to "be saints." To achieve that, he advised them to simply love those who are hostile to them, bless those who speak badly of them, and "smile at those who perhaps don't merit it." 
Advocating humility, Francis is trying to reform a church hierarchy that has been criticized as arrogant, egotistical, petty and nasty. Scandals involving alleged corruption and power plays tainted the Vatican's top bureaucracy in the last few years before Francis was elected in March. 
Later today, while addressing the faithful and the curious in St Peter's Square, Francis was interrupted by resounding cheers and applause when, wagging his finger, he told them that bishops, cardinals and the pope need to be "good servants, not good bosses" of God's people. 
As his papacy draws near the one-year mark, Francis has been drawing huge crowds for the traditional Sunday noontime appearance from a window of the Apostolic Palace overlooking the square.


  1. Joy Chettupuzha wrote in fb: They preach that God is a machine which can be manipulated by the priest-engineers. They have defined God. They ave predicted the behaviour of God. They can manipulate God. The only paradox is that there is no consensus amoung these priest-engineers belonging to different religions and denominations of the same religion. Each religion has its own definition of God. They have different theology, that is God engineering. The priests preach religious harmony, but practice hatred towards other religions including those of other denominations of their own religion. This double standard is the face mark of almost all religions. All religions should reform themselves. If they go back to their sources this will happen. This is what Vatican II exhorted. The Encyclical Ecclessiam Suam advocated dialogue of 4 dimensions. Dialogue amoung the Catholcic faithful, dialogue amoung different denominations of Christianity, dialogue amoung all religions, dialogue between atheists and theists that is amoung all human beings. But during the last LSG elections the Bishops have gone to the extent of exhorting through a joint pastoral not to vote for atheists. Of course they had their own vested interests.

  2. From: Cyril Kunnassery
    Subject: RE: Bishops need to be "good servants, not good bosses"

    Hi Joy,
    I don't think the Bishops are the ones to blame for all the bells & whistles. It is the community who put up this grand show. Alencherry Bishop told one of the gathering that American Catholics needs to learn to be humble. May be it is time for the community to take a look at themselves. Lots of puthumadisheelas want to show off their wealth and wants to be photographed with "rich and famous"