Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hindi Bible

Android application 

for Hindi Bible launched

The Application "DIVYA VACHAN" (divine word), is the complete Hindi Catholic Bible for free downloads.     Posted on July 19, 2012, 8:40 AM

By Bijay Kumar Minj
New Delhi: The Archdiocese of Delhi in collaboration with the Jesus Youth International Wednesday launched the first Hindi Catholic Bible application for mobile devices.
The Bible is now available on the Android Market under the app name Divya Vachan.
The Application "Divya Vachan” (divine word) is the complete Hindi Catholic Bible for free downloads.
Fr. Stanley Kozhichira, who heads the archdiocesan media commission and guides the Jesus Youth in Delhi, said the user-friendly software provides easy search facilities. It also has a pull up screen that displays both the New Testament and Old Testament.
It is available for Android Smart Phones, Android-run mobile devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Blackberry.
The screen shots give the grid view of all the books. Users can open any book with a click of the button. It also provides for continued reading through the auto save system which ensures the app opens at the same point in the book where it was closed, Father Kozhichira explained.
The android version is the first of its kind in the smartphone series, Divya Vachan will be available on iPhone and Blackberry as well, the techsavvy priest said.
The, the first online Hindi Catholic Bible of the Bhopal Archdiocese, supplied the data for the program and Ethic Coders developed the software.
Archbishop Vincent Concessao of Delhi, who officially launched the new program by pressing a button on an tablet, expressed the hope the latest communication technology would help bring young people closer to God. He also urged people to apply the Bible in their lives.
Auxiliary bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was also present at the launch, said what one reads often brings changes in the person and the Word of God can inspire many spiritually and physically.
Salesian Father George Plathottam, secretary of the Indian bishops’ social communication office and director of their media training institute, NISCORT, lauded the Delhi archdiocese for adapting to modern world.
John Dayal, member of the National Integration Council, urged the diocese to make use of social media networks such as facebook and twitter to reach out to people.
A. C. Michael, member of the Minority Commission of the Delhi government, wants the archdiocese to set up a commission for information technology and equip each parish with modern technology.
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Courtesy: Indian Catholic News

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