Sunday, June 1, 2014

An appeal of JCC to Shri. Narendra Modi

Anto Kokkat, General Secretary, Joint Christian Council sent the following appeal as per decision of Executive Committee held on 19th May 
to Shri. Narendra Modi Hon’ble. Prime Minister of India, Central Government Secretariat, South Block, New Delhi-1 on 28-5-2014 
We the Joint Christian Council, the progressive association and a people’s movement working in different sects of Christian Churches, for the protection of believers from the exploitation of Priests and Bishops. We stand for the democratisation of Christian Churches and to make the common believers to live here with dignity as Indian citizens observing secularism.
At this historic juncture of history we congratulate you for assuming power as Prime Minister of India. We also offer our full support for your programs. At the same time we request you to make a law for the emancipation of Christians from the clutches of Bishops and priests. The veteran Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, the Retired Supreme Court Justice, has put forward a bill named Church Properties and Institutions Trust Bill 2009 as the Chairman of Kerala Law Reforms Commission. In Kerala the U.D.F. totally ignored it The L.D.F. formed a Cabinet Sub Committee to look into it. But fearing the Bishops they shelved it.
We humbly request you to take necessary steps to enact this bill throughout the country
I am enclosing herewith that bill.

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