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Swami Sadanand

Swami Sadanand
Police forcibly hospitalize fasting priest
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Kerala, December 8, 2011: Police in Kerala last evening arrested and forcibly hospitalized a Catholic priest who was on a hunger strike to protest an archdiocese’s takeover of a parish.
Swami Sadanand, formerly known as Fr. Michael Puranattukara, began his indefinite fast on December 1 at a monastery managed by his Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) congregation at Thalore near Thrissur in Kerala.
The arrest took place after the 67-year-old priest shifted his protest venue to the Archbishop’s House in Thrissur, Kerala’s cultural capital.
Earlier, his associate had pointed out to that the saffron-robbed priest’s condition had deteriorated as his hunger strike entered the seventh day.
The police shifted him to the Government Medical College Hospital where his condition is reported to be stable.
The Town East police also arrested 55 members of the Infant Jesus Monastery Parish Protection Council, but released them later.
Father Sadanand, who manages a Catholic ashram in Madhya Pradesh, central India, resorted to hunger strike after his attempts to resolve the Thalore parish controversy that began two years ago.
The CMI priests had managed the parish since it was set up in 1977. However, Trichur Syro-Malabar archdiocese took over the parish two years ago following some trouble among a section of parishioners and the priests.
The takeover upset another group of parishioners who formed the parish protection council.
Swami Sadanand tried to negotiate between the archdiocesan authorities and the council as he hails from neighboring Ollur parish.
The council wants the archdiocese to restore the parish administration to the CMI congregation.
It maintains that the archdiocese took over the administration from the CMI congregation, allegedly violating the initial agreement between the late Archbishop Joseph Kundukulam, the then CMI provincial, and pastors of two neighboring parishes.
Earlier on Wednesday, Auxiliary Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil and three priests met eight members of the council and asserted the archdiocese would not restore the parish to the religious congregation.
“The Archdiocese’s stand reflects the flaws in administration by Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu,” Porinchu Melethu, the council’s joint convener, told The Hindu newspaper.
According to him, similar problems exist in more than 30 parishes in the archdiocese.
Meanwhile the Kerala Catholic Federation has demanded the resignation of Archbishop Andrews Thazhathu of Trichur.
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Fasting priest forcibly shifted to hospital and Church must confront issue of Confession easing conscience of abusive clergy  Posted on  - Fasting priest forcibly shifted to hospital - SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

Fr. Michael Puranattukara (Swami Sadanand), a priest with the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) congregation who had been on an indefinite fast in the past one week to press for a solution to the Thalore parish issue, was arrested by the police on Wednesday and shifted to the Thrissur Government Medical College Hospital.
The 64-year-old priest had shifted his venue of protest from Thalore to the Archbishop’s House after talks between the Syro-Malabar Catholic Archdiocese and the Infant Jesus Monastery Parish Protection Council failed. He was arrested and taken to the District Hospital and later shifted to the Government Medical College Hospital. His condition is stable.
The Town East police also arrested 55 members of the Parish Protection Council, including women. They were released later.
The Council has been demanding restoration of administrative powers over the Thalore parish to the CMI congregation. The Council maintains that the Archdiocese took over the administration from the CMI congregation, allegedly violating an agreement that had been drawn up and signed in 1977 by the then Thrissur Archbishop, Thrissur CMI provincial, Thalore Monastery Prior, Vicars of Ollur and Puthukad parishes and two persons of the Parish Formation Council.
Auxiliary Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil, Vicars General Francis Alappatt, Paul Peramangalam and Chancellor Raphael Akkamattathil met eight members of the Parish Council this morning.
“The Archdiocese made it clear that it would not restore administrative powers over the Thalore parish to the CMI congregation. The Archdiocese’s stand reflects the flaws in administration by Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu. Problems similar to those in Thalore prevail in more than 30 parishes in the district. It is worth notice that such problems had not arisen during the terms of his predecessors Mar Joseph Kundukulam and Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy,” said Porinchu Melethu, joint convener of the Council.
In a statement, Fr. Akkamattathil criticised the shifting of Fr. Puranattukara’s venue of protest to the Archbishop’s House and alleged infiltration into its premises.
“The high drama that followed the shifting of venue and infiltration thwarted the second round of conciliatory talks scheduled to be held this evening,” he said.
The Kerala Catholic Federation demanded that Mar Andrews Thazhathu should relinquish his post. “He has been functioning against the interests of the community and the faithful and is not fit to hold the post,” said Joy Paul Puthussery, State president of the Federation.
Catholic cemetery under police protection in Thrissur-
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 09, 2010, 15:22
Thrissur: The cemetery attached with the Infant Jesus Church at nearby Thalore, was provided police protection after a dispute over its ownership between the Thrissur Catholic Archdiocese and the infant monastery of the Carmolite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) congregation.
Dispute came out in the open on Sunday when the vicar appointed by the archdiocese, along with a big crowd, attempted to put up a board in the cemetery claiming its ownership. Priests of the CMI congregation objected to it.
Earlier, priests belonging to the archdiocese had closed the entrance towards the cemetery from the premises of the monastery which was in use for over 35 years, prior of the Devamatha Provincial House (CMI) Fr Pius told said.
Police had removed the gate on Sunday night and directed both the parties not to disturb peace over the issue.
According to Fr Pius, the Infant Jesus parish Church and its cemetery belonged to the Infant Monastery at Thalore and were being run smoothly till Oct 31, 2009 when the archdiocese separated the parish Church from the monastery. The move was strongly opposed by the Monastery and the parishioners.
The archdiocese took over the Church and the cemetery on condition that a new church would be constructed for the monastery within a period of five years, Pius added.
He said that the title of the land situated the Church, monastery and the cemetery was in the name of the prior of the Infant Monastery and the Archdiocese had no documentary evidence to claim the property.
Fr Pius said the monastery had objected to Church collecting money for constructing tombs to place bodies. The district collector had agreed to hold a conciliation talk between the two groups on the matter, he said.
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Fr. Sadanand, popularly known as Swami Father has started indefinite fast and prayer to bring peace and harmony in the Archdiocese of Thrissur. The problems started in the Thalore parish church when Archbishop Andrews Thazhath unilaterally separated the Thalore parish from the monastery against the wishes of the faithful there. The people at Thalore for last four years were agitating against this decision. Out of 1100 families 870 families had signed sent various memorandums to the Archbishop and the major Archbishop. During the last Syro Malabar Bishops synod too they had presented their memorandum requesting to revoke this order. But the Archbishop was adamant on his decision and was not ready to listen to the woes of the people. This had caused many problems in the Archdiocese of Thrissur.  Many faithful had stopped going to the church and many left the Catholic faith and joined in other groups.
When Fr. Sadanand went for a retreat in Kerala he came to know about the dispute at Kottekatt church where there was an open fight in the church and the Archbishop had to forcefully transfer the parish priest, he went there and brought reconciliation among the fighting groups in the church. After the reconciliation the people there brought to the attention of Fr. Sadanand to the greater problem of Thalore issue. He studied in detail the problem and requested the Archbishop and the Major Archbishop to find a solution to the problem. But no one interested to find the solution.
Fr. Sadanand who was working in the missions of Madhya Pradesh is an apostle of reconciliation and harmony. He was instrumental in bringing the murderer of Sr. Rani Maria to reconciliation and repentance and now that person is doing the works that Sr. Rani Maria was doing. At Narasinghpur district ( M P) where Swami was working whenever communal problems happened   the police and the district administration were seeking Swami’s intervention to bring peace, and every time he was successful in that.
One and half month before Swami met the Archbishop and Major Archbishop and informed them that he is ready even to sacrifice his life for the cause of peace and harmony in the archdiocese. He even informed them and have given in writing that if peace and justice is not established before December 1st he will go on indefinite fast and prayer. He met them several times after that but they did not show much interest in the problems of the people. Then finally on 1st of December he started his indefinite fast and prayer.

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