Thursday, April 3, 2014

We ensured that our armed forces can vote easily this election.

Joy Kochvarkey, we ensured that our armed forces can vote easily this election.

Dear Joy Kochvarkey,
We won! Our armed forces will now get a chance to vote.
Last Monday, Supreme Court ordered Election Commission to facilitate voting rights for armed forces and not obstruct it.
The same afternoon, we delivered the petition to the Election Commission. On receiving our petition with more than 77,000 signatures, Election Commissioner, H S Brahma expressed eagerness to ensure our armed forces vote easily.
This is a huge step forward for our brave-hearts. This happened because of the 77,000 people who signed my petition on, hundreds who called the election commission and mobilised people on ground.
Armed forces personnel & their families stationed in peace stations, since Jan 1, 2014 will be considered as general voters & allowed to cast vote at their places of posting.
Joy Kochvarkey, I would like to thank everyone who joined me in this fight, the Supreme Court of India for making this landmark judgement and veterans for their support.
The overwhelming response to this campaign proves to everybody that we are a nation committed to democratic values.
Joy Kochvarkey, is there an issue you want to raise? Start a petition on and mobilise people to support your cause.
Please share this victory with your friends and family. Stay involved, stay engaged!
Rajeev Chandrasekhar via

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