Tuesday, May 15, 2012


        Editor Joseph Pulikkunnel
Hosanna is a monthly in Malayalam started in 1975. The main thrust of Hosanna is the reformation of the churches with Bible as the norm of faith. The creative criticism of Hosanna has been a corrective influence on the life of the Christians in Kerala.
The basic approach and mission of Hosanna is prophetic in nature. The reformation of the Church is a continuing process. It believes that it should be the duty of the Christians in every age  to scrutinize their  faith with the instrument of the Bible. When the worldly thought enters into the Church system the Church deviates from its apostolic vision.
Hence in every age and all times the Christians should be vigilant in preserving the faith in accordance with the gospel teaching.
Mr. Joseph Pulikunnel is the founder editor of Hosanna and still continues to be the editor.

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