Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Priest should not play politics.

Some Good Ideas. 

soney jose 

                                                                               Soney Jose
Some good ideas. (1) Priest should not play politics. (2) Stop making statue and collecting money. (3) Stop abusing the saints including the mother Mary. Because you are making money. (4) Pray only to Lord Jesus Christ not many dead people.( 5) Allow the person to talk at the time of baptism I mean ask the permission (6) Stop asking money for Holy mass (7) Remove all statues from church. (8) Allow the priests to marry , so that those who wants to marry can lead family life and continue the service in the church (9) When giving Holy Eucharist to people the priest should say this is doing in memory of Lord Jesus Christ, I mean stop the theory Transubstantiation, (10) Teach people that the ever lasting life giving bred is Holy Spirit and The word God (12) Priest should teach people how to worship God. I mean stop reading the same book, same sentence every day. It is so boring!!!! (13) Allow the nuns and common people to preach Bible on Sundays in the church (14) Stop collecting money for sending human spirit to heaven (15) Take away all positions among priests I mean political and money etc. (16) Allow the associations of almaya in churches (17) Start counseling in church by nuns for ladies in church. Priests can council men, I mean stop kumbasarm. (18) Allow the people to go and study Bible to other churches. I mean Orthadox. Penthacost, Independent church , Yakobite, etc. Why you are afraid of them ? (19) Allow good Pastors to preach in the Catholic church. So that Catholic priests can go to other church and preach bible. Give your valuable service to other people. 
"There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope of your calling , one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all"( Ephesian 4:4,5). There is no Catholic faith, no Penthacost faith, no Protistan faith, no Jehovitness faith no etc.etc..... STOP separating people......work against evil people..... don't looks the church he or she belongs to......"The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil"( Proverbs 8:13)....
soney jose 

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