Friday, March 2, 2012

'Human Baby'

Human baby is the most helpless creature

                                                                                                                         C.L. JOY
Human baby is the most helpless creature in the known universe. It requires the help, assistance and compassion of others to survive. So nature gifted it with the fondness and loveliness so that even strangers take care of it. Human child... is programmed by nature to obey whatever is required by elders, for its own safety. So many unquestioned elderly restrictions are absolutely necessary for a human child to survive, till it attains adulthood. Unfortunately these restrictions are carried forward beyond the point of necessity. Mny of the beliefs which we entertain are childhood hangovers. Many who are bold (?) enough, question the elderly restrictions which are in the form societal or religious values and come out of it. But a vast majority cannot come out of these. After all boldness is also a social conditioning influenced by many factors known and unknown. A person who is bold enough to be a martyr for a religion may not be bold enough to question the superstitions held by religions. So even boldness is a relative concept. Anybody who questined the establishment and tried to free the society from superstitions whether he succeeded uring his time or not becomes a part of history. Remember Socretes, Jesus, M.P. Paul have themselves become history, despite their non acceptance during their period. Eventhough the vast majority in any society do not accept those who swim against the flow, they respect them. This is from my personal experience.

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