Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Complaint against Ollur Church Vicar

Complaint against Ollur Church Vicar

Following a complaint registered by my Dad, Magistrate has ordered to file a case against our church priest and trustees of church for conducting fireworks during banned hours. You can read the details about the case in the following article published by Times of India on 30th October on the 5th page.
The case has the potential to become a trend setter in taking action against temple and church authorities who conduct fireworks violating all the rules. There are already verdicts from Supreme court which restricts the quantity and timing of fireworks.
I am sharing this not to defame church or the priest. The church is misrepresenting the facts and making provocative speeches to its believers during holy masses to instigate feelings against our family. Now there are frequent processions to our house by believers.Unlike the church we don't have a platform to defend our side. I am sharing this news because almost 4000 families in our locality are misguided. Only my parents are in my hometown and I am worried about their security. Church made the believers think that, this is a false allegation.
To all my friends who asked what exactly happened during fireworks, These are the facts

For the past 3 years, we have been telling the church authorities to reduce the quantity of fireworks. Every year they promise to reduce the fireworks, and we give our consent. Once they get the consent, they use tonnes of fireworks, which is obviously illegal. Only because of the repeated denial of justice to us, we decided to take the matter outside church authorities and move legally.

Still we din't do anything legal to stop fireworks this time. We only asked to reduce the power and do it within legal limits.Our house is less than 20 meters from the firework area. Tonnes of fireworks are used there without proper license and without respecting the verdict of Supreme court.

As a repercussion, this year, the fireworks were held as usual but with more strength. After the regular fireworks, there were additional high powerful "kathanavedi". By that time a part of our compound wall fell down and few cracks appeared on our house.

We called the police SI at that instant itself(midnight 1.30) and he told that he will take action against this. The SI itself is the witness and many of my friends and relatives were at our house since it was church feast. But due to pressure from higher officials( no fault of the SI), he could not file an FIR. So we filed a complaint and the magistrate asked Police to file case against priest and church trustees.
As far as I know there are many houses which are weaker than our house around the firework area. But since its against church no one is ready to complain.There is a hospital which is 100 meters away from fireworks area which is run by church itself.
We have society pressure and peer pressure to withdraw the case since a priest is involved in this. Along with that the usual church gimmicks like alienating us within the community.
Tagging a few people who were at my house during the incident


Courtesy: Sanju T Rapheal

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