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മൃതദേഹത്തിനോടുള്ള അനാദരവ്

മൃതദേഹത്തിനോടുള്ള അനാദരവ്

ഇരിങ്ങാലക്കുട രൂപത ബിഷപ്പ് പോളി കണ്ണൂക്കാടനേയും പുളിങ്കര സെന്റ്‌ മേരീസ് പള്ളി മുന്‍വികാരി പോള്‍ ചെറുവത്തൂരിനേയും പ്രതിയാക്കി IPC 297 പ്രകാരം കേസെടുത്ത് 24/ 12/ 2014 ന് കോടതിയില്‍ ഹാജരാകാന്‍ സമന്‍സ് അയക്കാനുള്ള ഉത്തരവ് ചാലക്കുടി I ക്ലാസ് മജിസ്ട്രെറ്റ് പുറപ്പെടുവിച്ചു.           

The Hindu 02/09/2014

VETERAN M.P.PAUL MAY BE THE WELL KNOWN FIRST PREY FOR PRIESTS AND BISHOP VENGEANCE USING DEAD BODY AS A TOOL ANYHOW THE PRESENT ORDER OF CHALAKUDY JUDICIAL FIRST CLASS MAGISTRATE COURT SMT. LEENA RASHEEDH'S ORDER in I.P.C. 297 IS A N EYE OPENER. M.P. Paul's dead body was buried in 'themmadikuzhi ' at Pattur ,thiruvananthapuram, what was the charge against him . He wrought a letter to bishop against cut shorting his pay in St, Thomas College Thrissur, he was aman of letter ,famous letter ever Kerala produced , he is hailing from famous Menachery famly of Thrissur, his brother was a priest, Cousin was a Bishop.Congress leader, Kottayam D.C.C secretary and Syndicate member Vennayappillil V.K. Kurian's Dead body was denied to bury at Kuravilangad church and it was lead lo Serious litigation against Bishop Pallickaparamban and Court fine Bishop and it may be recalled that, It was Joseph Pulikunnel who lead the funeral prayers. In last October C.S.I. East Kerala Bishop Rev .Dr. K. G Daniel refused to bury the dead body of Dr. C.C Jacob, in which the burial Cell was bought by him at muttom at Thodupuzha. On 19-8-2007Cochin, Mattanchery Santhom Parish Priest had to pay Rs. 50,000 as fine for un nessary deny, and the Court sentenced to exhume the Dead body of Chelevana joseph fom the Corpn. grave yard, by by the priests' cost and perform ritual burial in Church Simitery and we could see it in T.Vchanels. On Nov. 6,1992 Eluvathingal Muttath Poulose Luis the Rtd. Dy Dev. Commissioner was not allowed burying at Olarikkara Church by Fr.Jos Thekkekara and Bishop Kundukulam., and the relatives including Rev. Fathers,and Rev. Sisters went along to Thiruvananthapuram Electric Crimtorium. Fr. Sebi Peramangalam, parish Priest of Kachery , Nadathara Did not allow the burial of a young man' dead body in that simitery, simply because his where abouts was not seenin the church register , though he his mother was inhabitants and church goers there and the relatives buried his dead body in Laloor Municipal Burial Yard and put a wooden cross upon. and later the parish priest had enlisted his illiterate mother in Church register.. What a magnanimity / Kalluvettath Kuttappan , Manathur , Palai was a converted poor Christian. His body was not allowed to bury in Church simitry simply because his he had not gien the form signed for computerisation. But it was questioned by the Kerala Catholic Reformation Movement and Joint Christian Council and his was re built by the diosese to this poor famly to resolve the issue. On june 10 2011 When A.M Rajan,S/o adamkot Mathai, St. Joseph Catholic Church Maramon died, The parish priest denied burial, after 10 days kept the body in freezer, Vijayapuram Dioseas had to allow before the strike of Dhalith Christian Federation of India.
Now in Kollam , bleievers are in serious strike against Bishop Stanly Roman and Kandachira St. Thomas Parish Priest, against their attempt to build church upon buried Dead Bodies. When Mrs. Joseph Pulikunnel died , Mr. Joseph Pulikunnel Did not approach the Church, he cremeated the body in his Osana Mount. Because he knows it is permissible by the church. But the Church Did not make aware this permission, beacause , The priest cannot make affraid, the common people , if it is revealed.. The list of victims of cruelty of bishop and priests is endless. How we can stop this . I shall suggest a solution. BEFORE THAT SAD END OF TEENAGER GIRL Some years back Jessy, (18) D/o Ouseph Pothuparambil House,Anandhapuram, Irinjalalkuda was seen dead in her house, consuming Pesticide, which are kept by her father for his agriculture farm use A letter was found, written by the victim, by the famly members sayin that she was molestated by a Priest in Church Bunglaw , when the counceling followed by the celeberated ' Popular Mission Dyanam' (Retreat) of Capuchin Fathers observed. The capuchin Fathers managed to capture this letter with help of elder brother of the victim.. Noticing this thing from younger brothers and other house members the local people approached police with petition. Late Fr. Kanisius CMI whose beetification is in progress, is brother of the father of victim.. This is the actual situation in the Church. Is the Rev. Sisters (KARTHAVINTE MANAVATTIKAL} mere only the cooks and dobies of priests.../ As the 2nd Vatican Council began in 1962 decided every Parish should have an association, which decide and discuss every matters of believers. This disision is not implemented. So you should Form a common association which any name in your Parish or locality , and should earn Strength to fight against this kind of injustice. .Affiliate your organisation wihth Joint Christian Council. (Regd) For bye law and information: ANTO KOKKAT, Kanimangam P.O Thrissur 680 027 - Anto Kokkat 

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